Russian tourists most prefer to relax in Turkey and least of all in Iran


March 27, Fineko/abc.az. Analytical agency Turstat published the rating of countries visited by Russian tourists in 2018, after analyzing the statistics of outbound tourist trips from Russia abroad at the end of the year.

Statistics of outbound tourism for 2018 shows that outbound travel from Russia abroad increased compared to 2017.

Outbound tourism from Russia increased by more than 20% to Turkey, Georgia, Italy, UAE, Tunisia, Hungary, Qatar, Cuba and some other countries.

According to Turstat, Turkey is the leader of foreign trips of Russian tourists in 2018. The number of tourist trips of Russians to Turkey exceeded 5.7 million trips (by 27% more versus 2017). The least tourists preferred to travel to Iran. This country was visited only by 9,000 Russian citizens.