Water operator Azersu sets up a commission in connection with F1 racing


April 9, Fineko/abc.az. National water operator Azersu has established a commission with the purpose to prepare events for the high level and possible solutions to the problems that may arise in connection with the next Formula 1 races in Baku. The Action Plan has been approved.
Monitoring and evaluation was carried out in compliance with the Action Plan in order to ensure the normal operation of the drinking water & sewage infrastructure in the districts to be covered by the F1 racing and to liquidate possible accidents.
Special teams and dislocation points have been created to eliminate accidents that may occur during the F1 racing. Necessary measures have been taken to provide emergency crews with machinery, equipment and materials.
Control has been tightened over operation of water supply and sewerage systems of sports and tourism facilities in connection with F1 racing.