Finance Ministry placed bonds for AZN 20 million


April 9, Fineko/ The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan has sold state medium-term bonds through the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).

According to the BSE, the issue of the bonds with ISIN code AZ0105006750 for AZN 20 million and circulation term of 728 days was placed on 9 April.

The six investors submitted 11 orders for AZN 29.066 million. The orders were submitted in the price range from AZN 97.2374 per bond (yield: 9.55%) to AZN 101.0231 (7.44%).

In accord with MoF’s decision, the cut-off price was set at the level of AZN 98.3837 (yield: 8.9%) and the weighted average price at AZN 99.8579 (8.0783%).

As a result, the AZN 20 million bond issue was placed.

The maturity date of the bonds is 6 April 2021.