Waffle marking to appear on 20 more road junctions in Baku


April 10, Fineko/abc.az. The Baku Transport Agency (BNA) has launched a pilot project to improve traffic at 74 road crossings in the capital.

BNA reports that at primary stage of the project the works will be fulfilled at 20 intersections located on M. Fuzuli Street, Sh. Badalbeyli Street, M. Aliyev Street, Rashid Behbudov Street, Samed Vurgun Street, Dilara Aliyeva Street, Suleyman Rahimov Street.

"It is planned to install road signs in certain places and eliminate existing shortcomings on those sections within the pilot project. Also, existing road signs will be updated, parking places will be monitored and traffic directions will be improved," the Agency informed.

Criss-cross (waffle) yellow lines will be organized on some intersections. As part of the project, "waffle" markings are organized at the intersection of the M. Fizuli and Samed Vurgun streets. Work is underway on application of such markings at other intersections as well.

According to initial estimates, as a result of the project, transport conditions at 74 intersections, central roads and avenues of the capital will be improved, the capacity of roads will be increased, traffic intensity will be ensured, that in turn will prevent unnecessary loss of time by road users in traffic jams.