Work on tourism program in Arctic to begin soon


April 10, Fineko/abc.az. Rosturizm plans to hold soon a number of meetings with experts and representatives of the tourism industry to develop a program on tourism in the Arctic.

The statement was made by Rosturism’s head Zarina Doguzova at the International Arctic Forum "Arctic - Territory of Dialogue".

"We are starting this work. We’ll look very carefully at the current situation and we will hold a series of meetings in the near future with participation of all interested parties, the expert community, tour operators who are working in this area in order to work out such a program together and submit it to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia," she said, noting that the matter of tourism promotion in the region is one of the main priorities of the Rosturizm (Federal Agency for Turizm).

Doguzova stressed that this work should be conducted without damage to the nature of the region. "The Arctic is a unique region with pristine nature, mostly untouched by man," she added.

In her view, first of all it is necessary to develop port infrastructure, coastal restaurants, and places of rest. To this end, it is also necessary to cooperate more actively with international cruise companies.

"We need to be represented at major thematic events around the world with a high-quality product that is understandable for cruise companies. To be represented as a country and not as separate regions. It is also important to work with investors, create a favorable investment climate, [it is necessary] to look at what [can be] tax preferences for businesses that are ready to invest in projects in the territory," Doguzova emphasized.