Central Bank could not place fully short-term notes


April 10, Fineko/abc.az. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) conducted an auction on short-term notes.

The Baku Stock Exchange reports that on 10 April the CBA offered the short-term notes with state registration number 50101573S for AZN 200 million for 28-day term.

The 10 investors submitted 20 orders for totally AZN 167.28 million. The investors offered for short-term notes from AZN 99.3053 (yield: 8.99%) to AZN 99.4581 (7.01%).

Under CBA’s decision, the cut-off price was AZN 99.3053 (8.99%), and the weighted average price AZN 99.3851 (7.95%). As a result, the short-term notes were placed for only AZN 167.277 million.

The maturity date of the notes is 8 May 2019.