Bank BTB assets amounted to AZN 291.087 million in Q1 of 2019


April 17, Fineko/ At the end of Q1 of this year, the interest income of the Bank amounted to AZN 5.238 million and interest expenses AZN 2.865 million. At the same time, non-interest income amounted to AZN 1.4 million and non-interest expenses AZN 3.495 million. Bank's loan portfolio reached AZN 171.28 million (rise of 11.57% versus the 2018 same term). Bank's assets amounted to AZN 291.087 million.

Bank’s deposit portfolio is AZN 82.487 million. The deposit portfolio increased by 24.84% compared to the same period of last year.

Bank BTB’s overall total capital amounted to AZN 52.887 million that fully meets the requirements of the Central Bank to the capital of commercial banks of the country.

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