Arab tourists no longer go to Azerbaijan


April 18, Fineko/abc.az. The State Border Service reports that for Jan-Mar Azerbaijan registered arrival of 610,800 foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship  from 157 countries of the world.

According to the State Statistics Committee, the number of visitors decreased by 2.9% against the same term of 2018.

"Of them, 28% came from Georgia, 27.4% from Russia, 11.3% from Turkey, 9.2% from Iran, 3.5% from UAE, 1.8% from Ukraine, 1.7% from India, 1.4% from Iraq, 15.6% from other countries and 0.1% of them were stateless," the Committee said.

The rate of visitors reduced mainly from Qatar (48.5%), Iran (43.4%), Israel (41.7%),UAE (28.1%) and Iraq (24.8%).

At the same time, the flow of citizens from Egypt increased by 2.3 times, India by 1.8 times, Saudi Arabia by 1.8 times, Turkmenistan by 1.6%, Pakistan by 1.5 times, China by 46.1%, Japan by 32.5%, Georgia by 22.9%, Oman by 17.4%.

"The flow from European countries grew by 2.8% up to 19,100 people, from the Persian Gulf countries fell by 33.1% up to 106,800 people, from the CIS countries dropped by 1.1% to 202,300 people," the SSC said.

According to the Committee, 64% of foreign citizens and stateless persons arrived in Azerbaijan by rail and bus, 35.2% by air and 0.8% by water transport.