Number of 4G users in Nar network increased by more than two times in a year


April 19, Fineko/abc.az. The number of 4G users in the network of Nar, the youngest mobile operator in the country, is growing rapidly. Compared to the same period of 2018, the number of users of the Nar 4G Internet increased by 110% to exceed 600 000. Overall, 25% of Nar subscribers are using the high-speed 4G Internet. An increase in the number of 4G users was possible thanks to rapid installation of new base stations across the country, as well as the growth of 4G smartphone penetration. Thus, the number of smartphone users in Nar network in the past year has increased by 20%.

Note that Nar provides its 4G service not only on the territory of Baku and Absheron, but in central parts of country’s other cities and regions. When compared to a relevant period of the last year, the number of internet users in regions has increased by 75%. 71% of Nar’s 4G users are residing in Baku, while 29% of them are living in regions. As a result of high-speed internet provision by Nar’s 4G base stations, traffic volume of 4G internet has increased by 70% in a year.

Together with 4G quality, advantageous prices create conditions for the subscribers to use mobile internet even more intensively. Unlimited internet bundles, tariffs allowing the customers to purchase internet and minutes in a single package also influence the increase in number of 4G users of Nar.