Azerpoct paid compensation on problem loans for totally over AZN 8 million


April 25, Fineko/ According to Azerbaijan’s postal company Azerpoct LLC under the Ministry of Transport, Communications & High Technologies, 31,336 people received compensation in cash for funds in the amount of less than 500 manats.

Non-bank credit organizations and customers of the liquidated banks received cash funds in the amount of 8,444,073 manats in Azerpoct for three days.

Starting from 1 May, citizens whose compensation exceeds 500 manats will be able to receive the amounts designed for them in post offices in cashless form, transferred to the card account.

Only non-bank organizations and owners of problem loans of closed banks can apply to Azerpoct LLC.

According to the list published by Financial Market Supervision Authority, the operation to be carried out by Azerpoct will cover about 121,000 citizens. Since the compensation of about 45,000 citizens exceeds 500 manats, they will receive cash on Azerpoct cards, and about 77,000 people will be able to receive compensation in the amount of less than 500 manats in cash.