Youth opportunities of AzerTelecom "Digital HUB" program discussed


May 17, Fineko/  An event entitled “Industry 4.0: Education and Career in conditions of Digitalization” was held jointly by "AzerTelecom" LLC, a backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the global internet network and Baku State Communication and Transportation College under the Azerbaijan Technical University.

At the event organized at the Baku State Communication and Transportation College, an exchange of views were conducted of such topics like the “Azerbaijan Digital HUB” program implemented by “AzerTelecom” company to transform Azerbaijan into a digital hub,  its advantages for our country, digitalization in the period of fourth industrial revolution,  as well as the education of young people in the digital era, and their career choice.

Chief Executive Officer of “AzerTelecom” Fuad Allahverdiyev said in his speech that important opportunities have been created for young people in the conditions of digitalization, and spoke in detail about the “Azerbaijan Digital HUB” program implemented by “AzerTelecom” company to transform our country into a digital center. Fuad Allahverdiyev talked about the opportunities that the ”Digital HUB“ program will create for the sustainable development of the country's economy, especially for the ICT sector. He noted that there is a great demand for young personnel in the IT sector in the country, and one of the main goals of the ”Digital HUB" program is the formation of qualified personnel in IT sphere, creation of new job places and prevention of the "brain drain" from the country. He stressed the importance of close cooperation with educational institutions of the private sector in order to train qualified personnel.

Other speakers, Head of Department at the Azerbaijan Technical University, Professor Mehman Hasanov, Director of Baku State Communication and Transportation College BakhtiyarBakhtiyarov, the well-known business coach, trainer, and doctor-psychiatrist Halima Gamarlinskaya, moderator of the event, teacher of the College Ogtay Aliyev and other experts on Human Resources Management also spoke about contemporary trends in the ICT sector, the right career choice of students. They in their turn emphasized the importance of cooperation between the college and “AzerTelecom” company.

"AzerTelecom" is a subsidiary of “Bakcell”, the first mobile operator and fastest mobile Internet provider in Azerbaijan. "AzerTelecom" was founded in 2008 and provides various advanced services to local and foreign companies in the telecommunications sector. "AzerTelecom" is currently implementing the “Azerbaijan Digital HUB” program to transform Azerbaijan into a Regional Digital Hub in addition to its status of Energy and Transport Hub. The goal of the "Digital HUB" program is to transform the country into a Regional Digital Hub for the Caucasus, Central, and South Asia, the Middle East, and surrounding regions.

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