Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center is now in Lankaran!


May 23, Fineko/abc.az. The opening ceremony of the new office of Azercell’s Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center under Lankaran State University was held on May 22. Equipped with the latest facilities supplied by “Akhundoff Group”, the office is designed to conduct training sessions for the youth on entrepreneurship and information technologies, to provide assistance in development of various projects. Nigar Shikhlinskaya, Head of Corporate Communications section of Azercell, expressed gratitude to the management of Lankaran State University and “Akhundoff Group” for supporting this initiative. Talking about the activities of Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center established in 2009 with the view to boost the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Azerbaijan, Nigar Shikhlinskaya noted that the new office will give invaluable experience for the youth in this field. She underlined that the Barama offices will provide students of Baku and regional universities with equal development opportunities in startup sphere. Imran Baghirov, Head of Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, highlighted that the new office is primarily aimed to combine agriculture with technology, train qualified specialists and programmers.

Notably, Azercell has always attached special attention to the professional growth of the youth and realization of their innovative ideas. Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, the first business incubator established with the initiative of Azercell, has played an exceptional role in this regard. Supported by Azercell and PASHA Bank, the center has helped a number of projects to convert into standalone businesses and conducted various events, seminars and training sessions.


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