30% of corporate users in Azerbaijan exposed to attacks of local threats


May 27, Fineko/abc.az. Kaspersky Lab has unveiled risk enterprise users.

Company’s leading anti-virus expert Sergey Golovanov has stated that the most common types of computer attacks are targeted attacks on financial organizations and legal entities, as well as non-targeted phishing mailings to legal entities.

"There are also ‘watering hole’ attacks through infected popular sites, mainly the media. This type of attack is aimed at site visitors, and the main goal is to obtain remote access to the victim's computer and search for data of interest on it. There are also attacks on self-service devices, for example, cash machines," Golovanov said.

He pointed out that the share of corporate users attacked on the Internet in Azerbaijan is 11%, Armenia 7%, Belarus 11%, Georgia 8%, Kazakhstan 9%, Russia 9%, and St. Petersburg 9%. The share of corporate users attacked by local threats in Azerbaijan is 30%, Armenia 26%, Belarus 35%, Georgia 16%, Kazakhstan 34%, Russia 20%, and St. Petersburg 17%. The share of users attacked by banking Trojans in Azerbaijan is 0.75%, Armenia 0.54%, Belarus 1.99%, Georgia 0.62%, Kazakhstan 0.54%, Russia 1.20%, and St. Petersburg 1.07%.