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June 3, Fineko/abc.az. “Azercell Telecom” LLC presents new “Sərbəst10”, “Sərbəst15”, “Sərbəst25”, “Sərbəst50” and “Sərbəst75” tariff packages to its subscribers

Aiming to make the digital world more accessible for its customers, Azercell is pleased to offer endless possibilities of the new “Sərbəst” tariff packages to its subscribers.

The new “Sərbəst” tariff packs provide the active users of voice and data services with the opportunity to reduce communication costs and get full convenience using affordable prices.

Azercell subscribers may advantage from access to free of charge minutes and internet traffic, data-free texting on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Viber, Twitter and even data-free use of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube mobile applications within “Sərbəst” tariff package.

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In order to benefit from “Sərbəst” tariffs it is required to text the relevant keyword to 7575 for Pre-paid subscribers and to 650 for Postpaid Subscribers.

It is worth to mention that, Postpaid customers will get 50% discount while subscribing to one of the above-mentioned tariffs for the first time.

Choose the most convenient “Sərbəst” tariff pack for you and do not limit your communication with the beloved ones!

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