President Ilham Aliyev has endorsed G-Cloud concept


June 4, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has approved the concept of Government Cloud (G-Cloud).

In compliance with the presidential decree, G-Cloud will be created on the basis of the infrastructure of the data center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications & High Technology.

The Ministry is appointed as the operator of G-Cloud. The MTCHT is also tasked to organize the storage in the data center the state information systems and reserves of governmental bodies, legal entities in state ownership, as well as legal entities with a controlling stake run by the government, budget organizations, public legal entities, and ensure the use of G-Cloud by them.

The Special Service of State Protection is commissioned to provide governmental bodies with the necessary telecommunication channels for their connection to G-Cloud.

The Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan will undertake the preparation and submission to the President a Plan on the gradual transition of state information systems and reserves to G-Cloud within 3 months on the basis of the Ministry's proposals, as well as to take the measures concerning the allocation of required financing from the State Budget in the current and subsequent years.