Which transactions can be performed without visiting a bank branch?


Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, operating with the strategy of “Limitless Service”, has been offering Internet and Mobile Banking services to its customer for many years. Such an approach in banking services allows for the customers of the Bank to save time.

How to get access?

To get access to Internet Banking product of Yapı Kredi Bank, you must have at least a current account, credit account, Worldcard or deposit account in the Bank. When you have any one of these accounts, you can get login credentials to Internet Banking in just a few minutes, by visiting any branch of the Bank. Internet Banking is a free service. With Internet Banking login credentials, you can also have access to Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking app. You can download the app from Apple Store, Windows Store and Android Market.


Monitor your accounts!


You can get information on Worldcard, deposit and current accounts, as well as information such as outstanding amount of your loan debt, annual interest amounts, etc. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)


You can also track the progress of your application for Worldcard or loan.

Pay your debts!


You can make Worldcard, Loan, as well as, Internet, Cable TV, Mobile and landline phones, utility service payments with amounts in your card or current account. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)

Open a deposit account!


You can get information about various deposit products offered by Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, as well as open a new deposit account and control your accounts through Internet or Mobile Banking. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)

Make money transfers!


You can make Intrabank money transfers between your accounts and to accounts of other clients, as well as money transfers to any account at other banks within country. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)


Don’t omit payments!


In order not to skip or forget any future transaction, make a pre-order and  have your payment done on the set date. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)


Carry out monthly, weekly and daily payments with automatic payment orders for up to 5 years from your Worldcard or current accout, and receive SMS message when the payment is done. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)

Perform currency transaction!


You can get information about currency exchange rates, as well as make currency exchange or cross-currency transactions. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)

Analyze your assets!


You can receive information on your assets in the form of financial graphs, and based on these graphs make decisions on how to efficiently use your assets.


Print financial statements!


You can get statements for any date interval or save it in your computer.

Also, you can print Statements for each transaction.


Don’t miss opportunities!


Through the use of Internet and Mobile Banking, you can get advantage of many campaigns with lots of opportunities and receive valuable bonuses and deals. (Also possible through Mobile Banking app)

"Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan" is a member of banking group, operating in 17 countries worldwide. Having a strong shareholding structure with "UniCredit" (Italy) and "Koç Holding" (Turkey) as main shareholders, the Bank operates in banking sector of Azerbaijan, with its international expertise, branch offices in Baku and Sumgait cities, 7/24 Call Center and Internet/Mobile Banking services.


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