Embassy of Bulgaria to accredit Azerbaijani travel agencies


December 1, Fineko/abc.az. Chairman of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AZTA) Nahid Bagirov received First Secretary of the Bulgarian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Janko Janakiyev and Consul Kiril Apostolov.

AZTA reports that the main topic of discussion in the meeting was the question of actuality of simplification of visa regime between the two countries, as direct flights Baku-Sofia will be launched from 16 January 2018.

"AZTA head Nahid Bagirov proposed to accredit several Azerbaijani travel agencies at the Embassy of Bulgaria, that would allow simplifying the visa obtaining procedure and promote to growth of tourists," the Association said.

The Bulgarian party pointed out that in Bulgaria work on promotion of tourism is conducted not by the government, so promotion of tourism potential of the country by AZTA would be an additional contribution to the mutual growth of tourist flow. The possibilities of developing cooperation between the winter resorts of Bulgaria and Azerbaijan, making them sister cities, and organization of summer holiday charter flights were covered as well.

Bulgaria’s visa also covers Romania, Greek Cyprus and Croatia that creates additional conditions for tourist turnover with those countries and makes Bulgaria a more attractive destination for Azerbaijani tourists.

Following the meeting, a decision was taken to hold on 15 December a presentation of tourism potential and visa procedures at the Embassy. Consul Kiril Apostolov will conduct this presentation. Besides, a special proposal for cooperation with AZTA at the official level will be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.


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