A bill banning smoking in public places passed


December 1, Fineko/abc.az. Today, the Azerbaijani parliamentarians have adopted a bill prohibiting smoking in public places.

The Bill on restriction of tobacco products was passed in the 3rd reading.

The draft law implies a ban on smoking in educational establishments, places of sports events, shopping facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars and other catering facilities.

The bill prohibits smoking by minors and stimulation of tobacco product sales with help of free souvenirs and gifts.

The bill forbids to smoke in hotels, healthcare institutions, rehabilitation centres, sanatoriums, resorts, public buildings, theaters and cinemas, exhibitions, reading rooms, libraries, museums and other cultural facilities, underground and overhead passages, buses (including intercity and international), taxi cabs, subway, air, railroad, sea and river transport, at bus stops, railway stations, sea and river ports, airports, elevators, common sites of apartment buildings, petrol stations, buildings and enterprises, which contain inflammable substances, playgrounds, beaches, workplaces, organizations, enterprises, departments irrespective of organizational-legal forms and forms of ownership.

Under the bill, in order to prevent diseases caused by tobacco smoking and/or environmental protection. The governmental organs can prohibit smoking at separate sites, buildings and objects of tobacco smoking, change tax and price policy to reduce demand for tobacco products, to prohibit or restrict the sale and advertising of tobacco.


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