Nar continues to support students in building career


June 13, Fineko/abc.az. Nar participated in one more Career Fair to help students build a successful career within their area of study and support their professional development. The mobile operator has participated in the "Job Fair for Youth - 2019" organized by UNEC with support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Nar announced receipt of applications for sales, customer value management and other vacancies for students, masters, graduates, as well as for persons with disabilities. In addition, the mobile operator consulted the university students and graduates about building a successful career. Students who had direct contact with the Nar representatives received an opportunity to evaluate career opportunities and to learn about participating in internship programs.

Almost 50 companies and organizations have participated at this fair, organized with the aim to support the employment of youth. The main purpose of the career fair was to support the employment of youth, expand job opportunities and offer career options to students without any work experience.

Note that support for youth and provision of access to job opportunities is one of the directions of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy of Nar. Detailed information about CSR projects, continuously implemented by Nar can be acquired at nar.az website.

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