Microsoft participated in the IT / TI WCO 2019 conference and exhibition


June 18, Fineko/abc.az. Microsoft, as one of the partners of the WCO IT / TI 2019 conference and exhibition, held in Baku on June 12-14, presented a number of new innovative and technological solutions.

The company was represented by the Global Technology Strategist Frank Callewaert, Director of Customs and Trade Affairs John Bescec, Director of Solutions for the Public sector Valentina Ion, CEE Director Industry Solutions for Government Evangelos Chrysafidis, and Account Executive in Public Sector of Microsoft Azerbaijan Kamran Asadov.

Frank Callewaert spoke about the introduction of the latest innovations in risk management and the introduction of IoT technologies in customs and industry. He also stressed the importance of new innovations in the digital work of employees, expanding cooperation between institutions, optimizing budgets, updating outdated, but expensive technologies. The conference participants were given detailed information about Microsoft's experience in technology and innovation, as well as the expert portfolio, the partner ecosystem and the IOT experience. For getting more information on Frank Callewaert’s speech about risk management and IoT technologies in customs and industry please see links below:



Microsoft is helping to streamline e-Customs and e-Commerce businesses around the world, enabling simplification, harmonization, standardization and modernization of customs & trade procedures in the interest of increasing security and reducing transaction costs between government and business in international trade.

Frictionless borders, National single window powered by secure data exchange and collaboration and a risk-based approach are just two examples of the solution set Microsoft and its partner ecosystem are delivering. Microsoft’s focus is to enable access to the latest technology innovation such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain so that Customs Authorities and their partners can achieve their key objectives. The HoloLens device was very well received in the many demonstrations that were given at the Microsoft booth on uses in Customs inspection procedures and in training of Customs officers.