“#Hədiyyə” from Azercell!


June 24, Fineko/abc.az. Aiming to make lives easier through implementation of technological innovations and effective solutions, Azercell has stepped into the new era in its course of activity. The company unveiled its new brand identity on June 21. Within the confines of the new digital strategy, Azercell further enhances the products portfolio and offers premium free usage of “Zvuk”, “Bookmate”, “TelekomTV”, “BuludCinema” and “IVI” services.

With “Zvuk” service, you can easily listen to any music and add to your playlist on your smartphone. Text Bonus to 7707 and benefit from 30-day free usage. The offer is valid from June 21 to July 30.

With over 850,000 books, “Bookmate” will surely become your favorite virtual library. Send Bonus to 7171 and get a chance to use the service for free, for 30 days. The campaign is valid from June 21 to July 30.

 Azercell also provides a chance to use “TelekomTV” - the service which brings famous world and local TV channels to your mobile device – with 30-day free trial. Text Bonus to 4040 and enjoy from using the service. The offer is valid from June 21 to July 30.

Simply text Bonus and send to 4044. Enjoy from 30-day free trial of “BuludCinema” which allows you to watch movies in HD format. The campaign is valid from June 21 to July 30.

Azercell offers 10-day free premium trial of “IVI” service allowing you to watch favorite movies and series on your smartphone. To benefit from this service Bonus key word should be sent to 3333. The campaign is valid from June 21 to June 30.   

It should be noted that free premium trial is applicable for the first subscription. Upon the expiry of the term of the free usage, the subscription will be terminated and no charge will be applied.

Also, note that the applications of “Zvuk”, “Bookmate”, “BuludCinema” and “IVI” services support both IOS and Android operation systems, while “TelekomTv” application run only on Android. The applications are available for download in Applestore and Google Play, respectively.

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from Azercell’s enriched digital portfolio for free!


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