Sale of over 6 kg of drugs prevented


December 4, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijani customs officers prevented an attempt of distribution of 6 kg of hashish.

As a result of investigative measures the customs authorities of Azerbaijan prevented the sale of large quantities of drugs brought in the country through smuggling from Iran.

"Zeka Aliyev, a citizen of Azerbaijan, has been detained in Byul-Byul settlement of Surakhani district of Baku when he tried to sell more than 6 kg of hashish to conventional buyer," the Azerbaijani Customs Committee informed.

The confiscated drugs were delivered to the territory of Azerbaijan by citizens of Iran in a contraband way.

A criminal case was initiated against Zeka Aliyev on Articles 206.3.2 "Smuggling, in particular, moving of large batch of goods or other items through the customs border by a group of persons on a preliminary collusion", 234.4.1 and 234.4.3 "Illegal making, production, acquisition, storage, transportation, sending or sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or precursors by a group of persons on a preliminary collusion or by an organised group in the large size" of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

Zeka Aliyev was arrested for four months in accord with the relevant court decision.


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