Advantageous roaming bundles from Nar for those who travel abroad


June 25, Fineko/ Always meeting the dynamic requirements of its subscribers, Nar offers advantageous roaming bundles for customers spending their summer vacation abroad. To benefit from 4 roaming packages offered at advantageous prices, suitable for people with different needs, one needs to simply order one of the roaming bundles before going on a trip.

"Roaming 9" package offers 500 MB of internet, "Roaming 15" package offers 500 MB of internet and 50 minutes of voice calls, "Roaming 18" package provides 1 GB of internet, and "Roaming 28" package provides 1 GB of internet and 100 minutes for voice calls. "WhatsApp" text messages are free of charge in "Roaming 18" and "Roaming 28" packages.

Dial *777#20#YES to check the internet and minutes balance of active bundle. The usage period of "Roaming 9" and "Roaming 15" packages is 5 days, and usage period of "Roaming 18" and "Roaming 28" packages is 15 days.

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