Working group established to promote insurance


July 9, Fineko/abc.az. The working group, established to prepare a strategy on enlightenment and promotion of insurance among the population, has conducted a regular meeting.

The Azerbaijan Insurers Association (ASA) reports that the working group is created in connection with implementation of Paragraph 5.4.1 of the Plan of the Measures on Azerbaijani Insurance Market Development.

"The meeting participants discussed in details the Plan of measures on enlightenment of the population and promotion of the insurance sector. The working group is divided into 4 subgroups," ASA informed.

Activities in each subgroup are defined on the following points:

- Organization of trainings, forums and meetings with young people in all educational institutions of the country to acquire knowledge in the field of insurance and measures to stimulate the prevention of insurance cases.

- Making of videos with real customers, reflecting the importance, opportunities and benefits of insurance.

- Promotion of insurance in TV and radio broadcasting, preparation of thematic programs.

- Improvement of insurance literacy in social networks with the participation of well-known socially active people, holding of various competitions and competitions.