Sahil Babayev attends CEO Lunch Baku as honorable guest


July 11, Fineko/abc.az. Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Azerbaijan Republic Sahil Babayev took part as an honorable guest in CEO Lunch Baku event organized by the Caspian European Club at Hyatt Regency Baku hotel on July 10.

The event was held due to the numerous requests of the Caspian European Club member companies which have questions and suggestions in regard to enhancing of cooperation between business sector and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population. Different issues that were of interest to business representatives were discussed in an informal setting at CEO Lunch Baku.

S.Babayev drew attention to formation of the innovation-based economy and entrepreneurship development in the country, as well as to achievements related to the growth of the social welfare of the population, which have been the result of the successful social-economic policy implemented by the Azerbaijan Republic President Mr. Ilham Aliyev.  “As a result of two social packages approved by the Head of State, revolutionary measures have been taken to improve the well-being of the population”, the Minister said. The minimum wage was increased twice and totaled 250 AZN. Minimum pensions increased by 72% and totaled 200AZN. The amount of allowances and benefits rose by 100%. Besides, salaries within the public sector were considerably increased as well. S.Babayev said that in this way Azerbaijan took the second place among the CIS countries in terms of the purchasing power index under the minimum wage. Two packages of social reforms, implemented this year, covered 4.2 million citizens and as a final result, they have been a serious support to each family in the country. The state budget will allocate 3.9 billion AZN annually to have these revolutionary measures taken.

The Minister noted the reforms in the field of labor, employment, social welfare, broad use of E-technologies in these areas, launching a pension system in electronic form, as well as the work carried out to provide proactive services to the population. He also informed about the “DOST” project which has been an initiative of the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva. After the opening of the “DOST” Agency in May of this year, over 15,000 people applied for the services of the “DOST” center #1 providing transparent services based on the one stop shop principle. The Minister also spoke about the “E-social” internet portal, a subsystem of the Central Electronic Information System of the Ministry, and also about the “Employment” subsystem which is of importance to employers.

Speaking about President Ilham Aliyev’s decree (dated July 4, 2019) on creation of the national observatory for labor market and social protection issues, the minister noted that it would help to form a system of the advanced monitoring and forecasting on basis of the progressive international practices. He informed about the work on expansion of the self-employment program, the work of the three-sided commission for social and economic issues, strengthening of social dialogue, and about the program on subsidizing salaries of the unemployed.

Sahil Babayev said that social reforms undertaken in the country get high support internationally. Azerbaijan’s e-systems on social aid and assessment of disability, measures on prevention of illegal employment and ongoing program on self-employment have received special awards from the International Social Security Association. Besides, the electronic information system for registration of labor contract has received the “Champion-Project” award from the International Telecommunication Union.