Baku Stock Exchange`s turnover decreased


July 12, Fineko/abc.az. The turnover of the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) amounted to AZN 8.9 bn for Jan-Jun 2019 against AZN 11.728 bn for Jan-Jun 2018.

The BSE informs that compared with last year, BSE’s turnover decreased by 24.3%.

"The number of deals reduced from 60,264 to 31,531. AZN 6.655 bn (rise of 10.8%) accounted for transactions with government securities, including the placement of the bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance for AZN 520.46 million (rise of 11.8%), the short-term notes of the Central Bank for AZN 6.135 bn (rise of 10.7%)," the BSE says in a statement.

AZN 1.286 million (fall of 98.12% or 53.3-fold) accounted for the market share in the BSE’s total turnover and AZN 301.875 million (fall of 10.4%) for debt instruments of the securities market.

The share of repo transactions for the reporting period reached AZN 437.8 million (fall of 6.1%) and the derivatives market AZN 1.486 bn (fall of 69.35% or 3.26-fold).