Registration starts in e-agricultural info system


July 17, Fineko/abc.az. Registration of legal entities operating in the agricultural sector has been launched in the electronic agricultural information system (EKTIS) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the Ministry, it is expected that 149 legal entities will be registered in EKTIS. The process of entering information into the new system about their activity by legal entities will be completed within a month. So far 313,377 farmers have included data on their activities in EKTIS.

A total of 313,792 farms have been registered in the new system. 228,366 farmers were registered in the e-system on the basis of the state act/certificate, 63,914 farmers on the basis of an extract from the State Committee on Property Issues, 7,279 farmers on the basis of rental documents, 3,278 farmers on the basis of powers of attorney, 703 farmers on the basis of the certificate of inheritance, 378 farmers on the basis of certificates, 59 farmers on the basis of planning and measuring documents of land plots.