Expert: Insurance companies agree with car services and deceive citizens


July 17, Fineko/abc.az. Previously, there were reports that insurance companies are in collusion with car services - inflate prices and render poor quality services to citizens.

Insurance expert Ilkin Ibrahimov says that insurance companies together with car services, providing low-quality and overpriced services to citizens, are trying to return 30-35% discounts that they have made with insurance premiums.

He pointed out that the insurance company, giving money to the citizen, offers to repair the car precisely at this price. They offer the citizen either to take this money or to repair his car in their car service for the same cost.

"Eventually, when the citizen chooses a car service, the price increases by at least 2 times. The brought reason is allegedly casual inspection of the automobile when the original act of damage was drawn up by the insurer, and the second time the motor vehicle passes thorough inspection and therefore the price of its repairing increases. Another reason for underpaid insurance payments is that insurance companies cooperate for a long time with the same car-care services, and therefore they make them discounts. Practice shows that the payment offered by insurance companies to the citizen is less than the amount for which he repairs himself, by about 35-40%. The quality of services is lower than in other car services, and the period of stay of the car in repair is about 2-3 months," the expert emphasized.