Up to AZN 2.36 bn directed for oil & gas sector this year


July 18, Fineko/abc.az. AZN 2.358 bn were directed for the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan for the past half of the year.

The State Statistics Committee informs that in the oil and gas sector it was produced oil and gas for AZN 15.524 bn.

The production in the oil and gas industry remained at the level of the same months of the previous year. Value added in the oil and gas sector increased by 1.3%.

69.5% of industrial products produced in the extractive sector.

In June the prices for industrial products decreased by 7% (versus the previous month), including in the extractive industry by 9.8%.

By early June the number of employees in the oil and gas sector of the economy reached 35,000 people. Over Jan-May nominal wages in the oil sector amounted to 3,168.5 manats.