A sum by which price of Russian cars to increase from next year published


December 6, Fineko/abc.az. An increase in the customs duty for motor vehicles imported from abroad will also tell on the prices of Russian cars.

Xəzər Lada, the official representative of AvtoVaz in Azerbaijan, also plans to increase prices.

So far the excise tax per cu cm in capacity of the engine in Russian cars was fixed at the level of AZN 0.02 (2 gapiks) and now it has grown up to AZN 0.07.

If to take into account the engine capacity of the Russian car is 1.6-1.7 liters, then the car cost difference is at least 800 manats. When accounting for other expenses, the amount of the price increase will be minimum AZN 1,000. For example, currently the price of new car ‘Niva’ sold for AZN 14,000 will rise up to AZN 15,000.