Azerbaijani President: Our policy is socially-oriented


August 1, Fineko/abc.az. A large social package has been endorsed since the beginning of the year, and these social initiatives cover more than 4 million people.

One of the important steps was to raise the minimum wage and the minimum pension. During the first time this year they were increased by 40%. During the second time of increase both the pension and the wage were increased also by 40% and will be paid from September. The minimum wage has almost doubled, from 130 to 250 manats. And the pension has been increased from 116 to 200 manats.

The relevant statement was made by President Ilham Aliyev at Cabinet Ministers’ meeting devoted to the socio-economic sector. The Cabinet’s meeting was held yesterday and was presided by the Azerbaijani leader.

"We direct almost the entire volume of our additional revenues for the social sphere. Realization of this social package requires very large financial resources. We can add here social benefits, which have been increased by about 2 times. The benefits granted to internally displaced persons have increased by 50%, the issue of problem loans has been resolved, other social initiatives have been put forward, and this once again proves that our policy is socially-oriented," the head of state stated at the meeting.