Join a roaming bundle of Nar and make the best of your trip!


August 5, Fineko/abc.az. Nar, always designing its services in a way to suit the demands of its subscribers, offers advantageous roaming bundles for travelers. By enabling the roaming packages, you can make your travel even more enjoyable by using WhatsApp for free chats, affordable calls and the Internet. The favorable terms offered to the subscribers have not gone unnoticed. Over the past year, the number of users of Nar's roaming packages has increased by 66%.

Taking into account the wishes of its subscribers Nar offers four different roaming packages.  Thus, "Roaming 9" package offers 500 MB of internet, "Roaming 15" package offers 500 MB of internet and 50 minutes of voice calls, "Roaming 18" package provides 1 GB of internet, and "Roaming 28" package provides 1 GB of internet and 100 minutes for voice calls. "WhatsApp" text messages are free of charge in "Roaming 18" and "Roaming 28" packages, meaning the traffic will not be deducted from your internet bundle.

Note that roaming services are used by Nar subscribers mostly in the neighboring Turkey, Georgia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.Dial *777#20#YES to check the internet and minutes balance of active bundle. The usage period of "Roaming 9" and "Roaming 15" packages is 5 days, and usage period of "Roaming 18" and "Roaming 28" packages is 15 days.

More information about roaming packages can be obtained from nar.az or by sending “R” to 777.


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