An increase in AccessBank`s savings portfolio becomes a tradition


August 9, Fineko/abc.az. Growth of the savings portfolio of AccessBank has become traditional for a long time, says Gunay Jalilova, executive director for corporate banking & marketing at AccessBank, in an interview for Fineko.

According to Jalilova, growth of the savings portfolio shows the confidence of customers to their Bank.

"It should be noted that recently our team conducted an all-round survey on savings products. We are very satisfied with the result of the survey: most respondents think about AccessBank in the first place when they intend to place their deposits. And it is interesting that most of the participants of our survey are not clients of our Bank. Many respondents noted that the main criteria for them when making deposits are the stability of the bank, the presence of influential founders, transparency and quality of services.

“I’m pleased to note that each of those criteria is available in AccessBank, and therefore we are chosen by thousands of investors. It gladdens us much to see how the team adopts the Bank's positioning strategy in accordance with our plans," Jalilova emphasized.