Azerbaijan made industrial products for AZN 27.3 bn for Jan-Jul


August 16, Fineko/abc.az. The State Statistics Committee reports that industrial enterprises and individual entrepreneurs produced AZN 27.3 bn or 2.2% more industrial products for Jan-Jul 2019 against the 2018 same term.

Production in the nonoil sector of the industry has increased by 15.8%. 25.1% of industrial output was produced in the manufacturing sector.

In the manufacturing sector, the greatest growth was recorded in the processing of wood and production of wood products, finished metal products, computer, electronic and optical products, beverages, textile products, furniture, chemical products, paper and cardboard, rubber and plastic products, installation and repair of machinery and equipment, and making of tobacco products.

The decrease was observed in production of motor transportation vehicles and electrical equipment, leather and leather products, footwear, products of the metallurgical industry, cars, trailers and semi-trailers.