Nar has awarded the winners of contest held at its “BakuTel” stand


By taking part in the “BakuTel-2017” 23rd international Telecommunications and Information Technologies exhibition, Nar has demonstrated the mobile operator’s latest achievements.


In the course of exhibition, which has continued throughout a four-day period, the Nar stand has drawn large attention of the visitors. The stand has featured interesting presentations, exciting tests, challenges and contests. Nar stand has been selected as the most attended stand of the exhibition, in terms of interesting presentations and visitor flow.


Contests organized at Nar stand at Baku Expo Center have also attracted lots of attention. Visitors of Nar stand won a modern smartphone in each day of the exhibition by participating in the contest organized together with “Irshad Electronics” chain of stores. The latest products and projects by Nar were introduced to visitors and they could experience the high speed internet connection offered by the Nar network.