High-speed 4G network of Nar now in Gobustan and Khizi!


August 20, Fineko/abc.az. Providing the country's population with high-quality 4G network, Nar continues to increase the number of its base stations equipped with 4G technology. Thanks to the new LTE base stations installed by the mobile operator, the residents of Gobustan and Khizi are able to benefit from 4G network. As a result of the network improvement works, almost 55 regions have been provided with 4G base stations. Thus, Nar has installed more than 600 4G and almost 40 3G base stations over the past three months. Therefore, the number of Nar's 4G base stations are more than 2,300, and the number of 3G base stations exceeds 2,700.

In addition to Baku and Absheron Peninsula, Nar expands its 4G network in the regions as well as in center of cities and districts. Nar provides mobile communication services even at the most remote villages of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that 72% of mobile operator's 4G users live in the capital Baku and 28% reside at the regions. Currently, 97.6% of the country's population and 83.6% of the country's territory (excluding the occupied territories) can use the high speed internet of Nar. The mobile operator provides more than 2.3 million subscribers with high-speed internet by means of more than 8100 base stations.

Note that the mobile operator not only installs new base stations across the country, but also constantly renews the base stations that were previously installed. In addition, Nar expands the network capacity of base stations.

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