Banks in Azerbaijan increased number of installed cash machines


December 11, Fineko/abc.az. For the first 10 months of 2017 the number of cash machines in Azerbaijan increased by 1.5%.

The Central Bank reports that the number of cash machines installed by banks in Azerbaijan has reached 2,491 by 1 November 2017.

According to the CBA, 1,356 cash machines (growth on 2.6%) were installed in Baku by 1 November and 1,135 cash machines (a rise of 0.2%) in districts of the country.

The CBA informs that over Jan-Oct 2017 the number of POS-terminals installed at trade and service facilities on the territory of the country. By early November the number of POS-terminals is 66,336 units (a decline of 7.6%). At that, Baku is numbering 38,025 POS-terminals (a decline of 6.2%) and the country’s districts - 28,311 (fall of 9.5%). 65,137 POS-terminals or 98.2% of all them were installed at the retail trade facilities.