Why is the activity of 45 NBCOs in Azerbaijan not so tangible?


September 9, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan accounts for 45 non-bank credit organizations.

But, despite this, the activities of these organizations are not so tangible. That is, despite such a number of non-bank credit organizations, citizens often apply for a loan either to money lenders or to banks.

But what is the reason why citizens do not believe in non-bank credit organizations or their terms do not suit people?

Our observations give reason to say that one of the main reasons for the unpopularity of non-bank credit organizations among society is their lack of popularity. And the fault is with the NBCOs themselves, since for the recognition of NBCOs they must regularly advertise or use various methods, as banks do.

Abc.az presents you the names of these structures for their popularization.

Note that the most famous non-bank credit organizations are

FINCA-Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Mikro Kredit, Azinvestkredit.

1.      Avrasiya-Kredit

2.      Azərbaycan Mikro Kredit

3.      Azəri Star Mikromaliyyə

4.      Azinvestkredit

5.      Azmikroinvest

6.      Aqrarkredit

7.      Asel Kredit

8.      Union Kredit

9.      EmbaFinans

10.     Brand Kredit

11.     IDK

12.     Caspian İnvest

13.     City Finance

14.     Efektinvest

15.     Falcon Finance

16.     Finans İnvest

17.     FinEx Kredit

18.     FINCA-Azərbaycan

19.     Finoko

20.     Fintrend

21.     Gold Finance

22.     İcraçı Kredit Agentliyi

23.     İDEAL Kredit

24.     İnkişaf üçün Maliyyə

25.     İnternational

26.     Kəpəz

27.     Kred Aqro

28.     KREDEX

29.     Kredit-Servis

30.     Merkuri

31.     MolBulak Kredit


33.     PARA

34.     Premier Kredit

35.     Prokredit

36.     PSG Finance

37.     Qafqaz Kredit

38.     Regional

39.     TBC Kredit