Are insurance companies deceiving customers? - Expert Response - Exclusive


September 11, Fineko/abc.az. As it was reported, from time to time,  clients to Standard Insurance and Azsigorta sound claims because the latter do not pay on time, delay or do not pay insurance payments at all under different pretexts. Due to the fact that these companies have not yet commented on the situation surrounding them, we asked the insurance expert questions of interest to us, asking him to tell us about the reasons for such cases.

Expressing attitude to this issue, insurance expert Hayal Mammadkhanli in his statement to Abc.az confirmed the existence of such cases.

According to him, the discussed problem exists in a number of companies: “There are reasonable delays and unreasonable ones. In some cases, delays occur because insured events require investigation, and collecting certain documents takes time. However, in some cases, delays are caused by certain bureaucratic reasons or financial problems. In any case, this is not good. ”

Posted by Elmir Murad