Investigation underway in connection with all public procurements - Chamber chairman


September 13, Fineko/abc.az. In connection with public procurement, the Accounting Chamber has made numerous proposals to both the Cabinet of Ministers and the body implementing state policy in this area.

Abc.az reports that this was stated by Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Vugar Gulmmamedov in response to journalists' questions during the international scientific-practical conference “Fighting the shadow economy as an important factor in economic development”.

He noted that an investigation is underway in connection with all public procurement in 2018. The President of the Chamber added that the issue of public procurement was also addressed in the parliamentary report on the state budget of last year.

“Work is underway to increase the transparency of public procurement, to attract small and medium-sized businesses to this process. Public funds should be available to small and medium-sized enterprises. The government procurement body also carries out certain reporting work through electronic information systems. In this regard, we will give an estimate at the end of the year. The focus is on increasing transparency and competition in procurement. Competition and transparency begin with increasing the amount of funds, reducing the number of purchases from a single source. This was also noted in the report on the activities of the Accounting Chamber for the first half of 2019. For 6 months of 2019, compared with 6 months of 2018, there has been a decrease in the number of procurement methods from a single source," said Vugar Gulmammadov.