Chamber responds to complaint regarding Ateshgah insurance company


September 20, Fineko/abc.az. Yesterday, we reported that, according to Aydin Saleh oglu Guliyev, Ateshgah insurance company refuses to pay him the funds. The information says that on July 30 of this year, as a result of an accident, a Mercedes car with a state license plate number 90-ET-110, insured by Ateshgah insurance company, collided with a Mercedes car with a license plate number 20-DN-520, controlled by Aydin Saleh oglu Guliyev. The insurance company said that for damage caused to the citizen, first he would pay funds in the amount of AZN 2,500, and then the victim again turned to the insurance company with a request to increase the insurance payment. Nevertheless, for the damage caused to the victim, the funds were not issued, and A. Guliyev addressed the appeal to the Financial Market Supervision Chamber.

The Chamber responded to ABC.AZ in connection with these complaints.

In the response of the Chamber, it is noted that the citizen's appeal was registered No. 191311653 on 28.08.2019. Due to the fact that the citizen’s appeal was connected with the incorrect assessment by Ateshgah Insurance Company of the damage caused to his car from the insurer in a letter No. 1920215162 dated 30.08.2019, one copy of which was sent to the insurer and the citizen, the direction of the consent reached in connection with the damage caused, was required, and if agreement is not reached, it was demanded to assess the damage caused by an independent expert.

According to the statement of the citizen’s consent of 19.08.2019 submitted by the insurer, the citizen declares his consent to the payment of the amount of AZN 2,500 in connection with damage to the Mercedes-Benz car with the state license plate number 20 DN 520, and further incurs the costs,  at the same time, there are no claims and requirements in this connection.

According to the payment order No. 8469 dated 30.08.2019 submitted by the insurer, the citizen received an insurance payment in the amount of AZN 2,500.

Posted by Elmir Murad