Ruble has grown more than by 1% at black currency market


December 13, Fineko/abc.az. The price of US dollar did not change on the black currency market, despite the banks increased the US dollar exchange rate after the currency auction held on 12 December.

The purchasing price of the US dollar is AZN 1.6950 and the selling price remained at the level of AZN 1.7000. The purchasing price of the euro is AZN 2.00 and the selling price AZN 2.02.

The Russian ruble price rise is observed on the black market. As of 12 December, the purchasing price of the ruble grew rose from AZN 0.028 up to AZN 0.0284 and selling price from AZN 0.0283 up to AZN 0.0286. During the day the ruble to manat increased by 1-1.4%.