Why is the issuance of “Form 4” in electronic form delayed?


September 20, Fineko/abc.az. Despite the fact that it has long been reported that the “Form 4”, obtained from the Main Directorate of State Road Police (GUGDP) in case of an accident, will be issued in electronic form, this process still remains unresolved. Considering that the issuance of “Form 4” in electronic form was announced in early summer, this issue should already have been resolved. One of the factors contributing to the application of “Form 4” was the performance on June 28 at the IX International Insurance Forum “Insurance Market in Azerbaijan: Trends and Opportunities”, acting Chairman of the Board of the Chamber for Supervision of Financial Markets Ibrahim Alyshov.

Along with the official representative of the Chamber, the executive director of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau Rashad Ahmadov also pleased people with the news that in the near future “Form 4” will be used in electronic form. However, about 3 months have passed since both officials announced this issue, but the  Form 4 is still issued to drivers in the old order.

So is issuing Form 4 such a difficult process that it is delayed so much?

To find the answer to this question, we addressed the spokesperson of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau Narmin Rahimova. In her statement to the ABC.AZ website, she briefly noted that the application of “Form 4” has already begun in the system of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau: “Companies simply need to be connected to the process one by one. This process is going on. That is, the issue has been resolved by our structure. ”

It should be noted that in the case of the reasons due to which the insured event occurred during a car accident, the insurance company should send a request to the Main Department of State Road Safety. And the information about the presence, registration of the case (Form 4) should be sent by the department of the State Revenue Service to the insurance company within 10 days.

Posted by Elmir Murad