45 Asian countries to demonstrate growth


September 25, Fineko/abc.az. According to the 2019 Asian Development Outlook (AIP) Report, the main edition of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on economic issues, the economic growth in developing countries in Asia continues.

According to ABC.AZ, with the weakening of trade and investment, the prospects for further development of the countries of the region have weakened even more, and the risks faced are growing.

The report predicts that economic growth in 45 developing countries in the Asian region this year will be at 5.4%, and in 2020 it will rise to 5.5%. These forecasts reflect a deterioration in prospects for international trade, which, on the one hand, can be attributed to the aggravation of trade relations between China and the United States, and on the other hand, to a weakening rate of economic growth in both developed and large Asian countries, including China, India, Republic of Korea and Thailand. The economy in developing Asia is projected to expand 6.0% this year and next year, with the exception of industrialized countries such as Hong Kong (China), the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Taipei (China).