Georgian Finance Minister: Trilateral cooperation between Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan in customs sphere is very important


October 1, Fineko/abc.az. “Tripartite partnership in the customs sphere between Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan is very important. We must do certain work in this direction. Georgia has already prepared a package of proposals,” says Georgian Finance Minister Ivane Machevariani.

The minister started that trilateral cooperation between the three countries should begin, first of all, in electronic form. This is one of the most significant matters. After that, it is necessary to adapt transport documentation and create joint digital database of logistics centers. 
"I think solution of those matters will lead to simplification of customs procedures. Effective international and regional cooperation in the customs sphere is important for the economic well-being of the countries, regional economic integration and increase of transit potential," Machevariani stressed.

He added that as a result of successful international cooperation of Georgia, electronic exchange of information with neighboring countries is carried out. This is very important from angle of improving the efficiency of customs control and simplifying the movement of goods and vehicles across the border.
The minister pointed out that he spoke about this with the opposite party at the official opening ceremony of the updated infrastructure at the customs checkpoint "Sarpi" on the Georgian-Turkish border. Exchange of views on the question with the Azerbaijani side will be held in the near future.