Expert sounds alarm in connection with companies engaged in compulsory car insurance


October 1, Fineko/abc.az. Insurance companies have already switched to a risk approach towards their business, says insurance expert Khayal Mammadkhanli when commenting for ABC.AZ on the indicators of the insurance market for Jan-Aug 2019, presented by the Financial Market Supervision Authority (Fimsa). 

He added that as before, insurance companies not only massively and blindly carry out sales, but also think about improving their portfolios. The expert also touched upon the question of compulsory car insurance, which has been leading in insurance premiums for all years, noting that the situation with this type of insurance in the coming years will be disappointing. Mammadkhanli briefly noted that the day is not far off when the companies engaged in compulsory insurance of motor vehicles will start "shedding tears".


Author: Elmir Murad