Expert protest – Old problems still exist


October 7, Fineko/abc.az. Old problems in bank account transactions still exist. These problems are found when levying a tax (for example, a 1% tax) in the absence of the need for self-restraint (from account to account, from card to card, etc.).

ABC.AZ reports that the statement was made by expert economist Samir Aliyev.

The latter points out that if you complain about the banks, they point to the Financial Market Supervision Authority (Fimsa) and the Ministry of Taxes (including the Financial Monitoring Service).

"If you ask in those structures, then, referring to the fact that they do not give such instructions or recommendations, they call these cases the initiative of the banks themselves," the expert stressed," and in this case it is impossible to determine who is right, who is guilty, and as a result, customers suffer. So, I think it would be advisable to hold a public discussion (round table). The event should be attended by Fimsa and the Tax Ministry on the one hand, the Azerbaijan Banks Association and banks on the other hand, and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs, businessmen and independent experts on the third hand. Through tripartite discussion, problems can be identified and existing problems can be eliminated."

Fimsa did not hesitate to respond to this opinion of the expert. Fimsa’s press secretary Elshan Allahverdiyev stressed that a meeting with experts is planned soon at Fimsa.

"With regard to the problems you have mentioned, if possible, in such cases it is necessary to contact Fimsa, Call Center 966, so that the issue would be considered by us immediately," Fimsa’s rep emphasized.