AtaBank made a statement regarding information in the media


October 8, Fineko/abc.az.   Recently, biased and unpleasant news about banking sector, particularly about “AtaBank” OJSC, has spread in the media.

In this regard, AtaBank expresses regret that the news sites are reporting wrong information to the public and would like to report the following.

Thus, would like to note that this news coverage of the bank's activity is not based on facts. The Bank continues its stable activities. Clients also carry out non-cash transactions, and operations such as cash withdrawal are performed in the next order. Moreover, there are state regulatory bodies to regulate the banking sector, and the authority for this regulation belongs only to them. The Bank continues its daily business relationship with these agencies.

Unfortunately, this kind of information, without the bank's position and against the rules of journalistic ethics, can lead to confusion among customers and undermine their confidence in the banking sector.

Would also like to emphasize that the information sites covering such baseless news, which undermine successful government policies regarding the banking sector, will have to be accountable to the law.  For this reason, we urge media representatives not to spread unfounded allegations.


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