If citizens do not demand, compulsory health insurance to be a formal project – Expert


October 10, Fineko/abc.az. From next year compulsory health insurance will be applied throughout the country.

Many argue that this step will not justify itself and will lead to bankruptcy. And as the reason they bring some shortcomings in the project of compulsory medical insurance. However, the allegations say that the application of compulsory health insurance will not be without impact on insurance companies.

We applied to an insurance expert to find out how real all those opinions are.

In connection with this question, insurance expert Ilkin Ibragimov told portal ABC.AZ that the application of CHI will inevitably affect private insurance companies. He explains that by the fact that many companies and individuals will refuse from voluntary health insurance after the introduction of CHI: "If there is a load on 2% of citizens and 2% of employers, the reduction from voluntary health insurance is inevitable.

However, it should be noted that CHI introduction will depend on how much citizens will demand the exercise of their rights, as demand creates supply. If citizens do not demand the exercise of their rights, this social project will remain a formality."

By Elmir Murad