Payments on overdue loans of how many people were made in Bank of Baku? - INTERVIEW

16:19 - 10.10.2019

Some experts argue that there are problems with the repayment of loans given by banks. They believe that if this continues, a second boom of problem loans is going to appear in Azerbaijan. We sent a request to Bank of Baku in connection with this and other issues.

We present to your attention the Bank's interview for portal ABC.AZ.

As you know, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree concerning the solution of matter of problem loans. At what level was this decree executed by your Bank, and problem loans of how many customers were solved?

The presidential decree on problem loans of individuals has played an important role both in improving the material well-being of people and in improving the banking sector. As part of this important social project, Bank of Baku implemented the decree by 96.21% in terms of the number of customers when paying compensations on problem loans and by 98.78% from angle of repayment of amounts. In general, the overdue loans of 64,437 people were repaid due to compensation, the loans of 23,734 customers were restructured, and the problem was resolved positively.

How much money was paid to customers within the framework of problem loans?

More than AZN 53 million was paid to the Bank's customers as part of the project on the solution of problem loans.

Last month, the Financial Market Supervision Authority (Fimsa) released a report on the financial position of banks. The report says that overdue loans at banks increased again. How does your Bank prevent a re-increase in payments on the given loans?

At present, giving of loans for citizens who have applied to our Bank is carried out in accord with the rules established by Fimsa. Our staff assesses each application through credit analysis, based on the principles of healthy lending and responsible borrowing. The work and analysis carried out in this direction is done to maintain the problem you have indicated at a minimum level.

As you know, currently banks want to minimize the necessity of customers to visit the bank office, and in this regard, mobile banking is developing. What kind of work does your Bank do in this direction?

As you know, Bank of Baku has been one of the most innovative members of its sector for 25 years, providing its customers with new services and products, carrying out activities for the development of digital banking. Our Bank, constantly taking care of the convenience of its customers, in accordance with the requirements of modernity, has provided them with many opportunities for convenient operations without entering the Bank. In accordance with the constantly updated requirements of the digitized world, our Bank has been constantly improving its work in this direction and strives to please its customers with new innovative solutions. Currently, the Bank is working on opening an online account for customers at any time of the day without having to come to the Bank, obtaining a loan, increasing the types of payment services, expanding the possibilities of card transactions and other areas. Our Bank’s mobile application Internet Banking and DostBank, which allows you to carry out banking operations 24/7, no matter where you are, is constantly updated and supplemented with new features to achieve the above-said goals.


By Elmir Murad